Just Warming Up!

This little post is akin to a couple of warm-up stretches and a slow run around the track.  Since we last spoke,  I’ve been gathering projects to share. There are hundreds of them spread out through our cozy cottage at Florilegium. I wish I had 4 hands and eyes on both sides of my head, like my dreamself-portrait puppet, above. Then I would be able to present them all right now for you to choose favorites and begin.

Instead, here is a brief introduction to a small number of possibilities. Above, please find a mood board containing Silk Ribbon Embroidered buttons, Embroidered and Beaded Silk Ribbons, Handmade Papers, Marbled Paper Beads and a Freelace Heart Necklace.

The photo above seems like a perfect project for these particular times.   Your project wouldn’t look anything like mine. As a matter of fact, mine wouldn’t look like mine, if I did it today. These four pieces represent the entire cycle of a difficult surgery I faced, years ago. It begins the night before (top left), and travels through the surgery (bottom left), the love that helped me through (bottom right), and ends with the Sunshine at the end of the tunnel (top right). It was a cathartic process that could be just the ticket, today.

(above) This is one of my favorite projects to do – a fibery sketchbook. I make them all the time, but rarely show them to anyone, because it’s the process that matters not the result. I’ll be showing you lots of these, because they’re loaded with small bits that are easy to do but can stretch your boundaries. Below, another “sketchbook” or “stitchbook” with a story I’ll tell another day.

And, for now, we’ll end with a photo I posted earlier today. It contains an Entrelac purse with Freeform Embellishment, a Diva scarf and a Geometric Pillow. I think I’ll start with the Geometric Pillow so you can be busy while I’m finishing instructions for the purse. I’m even thinking of doing the purse as a knitalong. Does anyone have thoughts about that idea? There are countless more ideas on the way, but I’ll have the pillow instructions posted in the next few days. I hope to see you there!!

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  1. Ellen Hougland March 24, 2020 at 8:13 pm #

    Glad to see your back posting. As usual, beautiful work. I miss your store in Parkville. Maybe someday I will make it up to Weston, if your still there? It’s just so far away from Overland Park. Do you have a store? The one in Parkville was so wonderful to walk into, with so many beautiful things. Looking forward to more posts.

    • Gretchen March 24, 2020 at 10:48 pm #

      Hi Ellen, Thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement! Yes, we do still have a store, although it’s temporarily closed due to the current virus. It’s quite different from the store in Parkville, but we get the warmest feeling from it – almost like it gives us a hug as we walk in. We carry the same sorts of things and have great fun. We’d love to see you again, when all is well and healthy with the world! Thank you for writing! Stay well, Gretchen

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