Idea #1 – “One Bead at a Time”

In my last post, I showed you four small beaded pieces that I made during a scary time. The idea for them came from a marvelous, little book by Robin Atkins called “One Bead at a Time”. If you don’t already have it, you can access a free copy here. Just reading this book is a calming and inspiring experience. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

As I write, I am showing you pictures from another piece I began during an uncertain time. This one is titled “the Abyss”. It is far from finished, but I hope you can see that even though there is a dark element present, there is a tremendous amount of hope and happiness here.

Exuberant bursts of sunshine….

Flowers among the resistance to change…..

Yes, those are actual resistors!

The helping hands that always arrive, sometimes magically, when you need them most.

And, of course, new growth.

There is an important lesson to learn from this piece. STAY SMALL. This piece is seven feet long, and I intend for it to be completely covered in beads. It also will have a three-dimensional mobile, when completed. That’s why it isn’t finished. The uncertainty this was made to combat ended before the piece was done. How wonderful is that?!!


Below, another happy, hopeful piece full of gratitude from a very difficult experience. This one is titled “Open Hearted”.

The spirit behind these sorts of pieces is an emotion or experience that you wish to “deal with”. Keeping that at the forefront of your thoughts, while choosing materials and stitching each bead, will make this a healing and meaningful work you will cherish.

Wishing you PEACE….. love, Gretchen

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  1. Fred April 4, 2020 at 10:52 am #

    WOW – I am amazed, again, by your depth and the insight that comes through in your art. Can’t put into words the incredible feelings your pieces convey to me. Forever yours, Fred, I love you!

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