Needlepoint Canvas Stitch Examples

Various fibers work differently when used for needlepoint.  The photos below show some different fibers used on a selection of needlepoint canvas sizes to show you some of these differences.  Below these samples is a general set of rules for determining how much 3-ply Persian wool is needed to cover the canvas you have selected.  We are always available (816-746-6164) to assist you with your project planning.  Thank you.

Needlepoint: If you are using 3-ply Persian for a needlepoint canvas, then you need to calculate the proper number of strands for each color. The following instructions and table (at the bottom of the page) explain how Paternayan Persian Yarn covers the various canvas sizes.

Determine how much yarn you need as follows:

Measure the number of square inches of each color used in the canvas (we usually add 10% to 20% for the extra yarn it takes to start and stop a color).  Measuring the various colors is the most difficult part and is easier if you use a template that is 1″ by 1″.  Move the template around the canvas determining the total square inches of each color.  Multiply the number of square inches for a color times the length of yarn needed to cover 1 square inch of canvas (from the chart below) then divide the total length of yarn by 32″ (the length of one 3 ply strand)  – this equals the number of strands you need to cover this color.  If the number of plies on the chart is less than 3, divide the number of strands by 3 and multiply that number times the number of plies used for the canvas size, from the chart below.  Finally increase the number of strands by 20%.Quantity to cover 1 square inch of canvas


Canvas # of Plies Length to cover 1 sq. in.
# 10 3 48″
# 12 2 38″
#14 2 42″
#18 1 25″


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