KC Yarn Party – Part Two

During the KC Yarn Party, we are featuring our favorite yarns. My last post was all about our wonderful Odyssey yarn, and this one is about a serendipitous result of spinning Odyssey. There are little bits of dyed fibers left from the spinning process that turned out to be my umpteenth favorite thing about Odyssey! These little bits have been spun into absolutely unique, never-repeatable balls of yarn we call Oddballs.  Just looking at them makes me happy!

Working with them is a treat!

The project I’m currently working on is sitting next to me, as we speak.

Even though each Oddball is colorful, they tame each other when worked together.

In quiet light, the colors are subtle.

In sunshine, they glow.

How would you use them? Mitered squares? Linen stitch? Comfy sweater or roomy shawl? Even plain ol’ garter would be an adventure. Grab a bit of sunshine here.


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