Tiniest Entrelac Bag Instructions

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This page contains videos that are only useful when working the Tiniest Entrelac Bag project. If you haven’t bought the Tiniest Entrelac Bag yet, you may buy it here and the videos will magically appear! If you already have bought Tiniest Entrelac Bag  and aren’t seeing the videos below, make sure that you have logged in here and then please come back.  If that doesn’t work (we’re still new to this!), please send us an email at floril@florilegium.com and we will fix the problem pronto!

Welcome to the Tiniest Entrelac Bag Instructions:

These media libraries and videos illustrate techniques specific to Tiniest Entrelac Bag  that you may not have tried before. Look at them as many times as you need to get the tasks in hand, and then take what you’ve learned to come up with your own creations!

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Tiniest Entrelac Bag Instructions:

TEB Card 1 Side 1 & 2 Step by Step Instructions 052413

TEB Card 2 Side 1 & 2 Step by Step Instructions 052413

Instructions Start: Steps 1 & 2

Steps 3

Steps 4

Steps 5

Steps 6

Steps 7

 Steps 8

 Steps 9

 Steps 10

 Steps 11

Finishing Touches Instructions

Crocheted Popcorns:

[jwplayer mediaid=”10286″]

Covering Ring / Machine Wrapped Chord / Finishing:

Entrelac Starting Triangles

[jwplayer mediaid=”6990″]

Purling Backwards

[jwplayer mediaid=”7658″]

Knitting Backwards

[jwplayer mediaid=”7660″]

Entrelac: Pick Up Stitches

[jwplayer mediaid=”7657″]


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