Florilegium is proud to present a collection of teleidoscopes made by Marc Tickle at On Reflection in North Carolina.

teleidoscope is a kind of kaleidoscope, with a lens and an open view of what is in front of the scope, so it can be used to form kaleidoscopic patterns from objects outside the instrument, rather than from items installed as part of the element case built into the kaleidoscope. Invented by John Lyon Burnside III and Harry Hay in 1972.  The lens at the end of the tube is not an optical requirement, but protects the internals of the teleidoscope. A spherical ball lens is often used. An advantage of using a sphere is that it will not press flat against the object being viewed, which would block all light and result in no image being seen.

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Please enjoy these photos of our On Reflection teleidoscopes:

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