Frequently asked Questions?

Frequently asked Questions: (Call us at 816-746-6164)

What is the Story about Paternayan and Colonial Yarn?

  • See Page Paternayan Yarn HistoryPaternayan / Colonial 
    • We are starting a campaign to find the most used Paternayan colors, so we can share your needs for the un-dyed colors. To this end, we have added a “back-order” feature ($0.00) to our website but no yarn is available to ship.  This will let us track your desire for the un-dyed colors, and we hope to to add these colors to the dying list.  Fifteen colors were added in the last 18 months.
  • Paternayan / Colonial Yarn Color Matching:  Please be aware that whenever you are matching colors to an existing project, you must send us a strand of your current colors so we can match your colors to the yarn we have.  Colors change with age and sometimes with dye lots.  We work diligently to keep all the colors we sell matching our Paternayan color cards, but we also want to be certain you are getting exactly the color you want and need.  Send your color samples to Florielgium at 367 Main Street, Weston, MO 64098 to be matched.

Can I place special orders?

  • Yes, if we don’t have your yarn, canvas, felting item, etc in stock, we will order what you need
  • Most special orders will arrive in 7-10 days.
  • Just call or email us and let us know what was not available to complete your order.

Will you calculate how much yarn I need for my needlepoint project? YES

  • Yes we will absolutely help you figure out how much yarn you need for any project from our Needlepoint Canvas Service to sweaters (Sweater Wizard) or scarves and socks, to various loom projects (rigid heddle, triangle, tapestry, etc).
  • Needlepoint canvas is one of our specialties and if you have any questions about yarn usage, color selection, canvas selection, we will gladly help you.

How do I buy items I see in your store pictures?

  • We frequently have customers ask about purchasing items they see in our web site photos or that they just dream about and need help buying the ingredients.  We will create your kit for you and ship to any location.
  • All you and I need to do is figure out what you want and how much and we will send it to you.
  • We love to work with you on special purchases. The best way is to send us a copy of the photo you saw on our web site or the name of the photo (????.jpg), so we can find what you are interested in purchasing.
  • Of course, you can stop and visit our store in Weston MO (15 minutes north of the Kansas City MO airport)

How do I schedule a group meeting at Florilegium?

  • We have two spaces for meetings and classes – Gretchen’s Studio and Florilegium Cottage.
  • Just contact us by email ( or call (816-746-6164) to discuss your needs.
  • Our spaces are comfortable for groups.  The Studio holds up to 8-persons and Florilegium Cottage will seat 16 comfortably.
  • In the Studio we can do messy/wet projects and in the Cottage we can serve food and welcome gatherings ranging from lectures to tea parties.

Can I buy your beads and precious stones? YES

  • We will do our best to make it possible to purchase our beads and stones on-line.
  • Your selection will require sharing of photos and your project needs to make the right choices.

What are the yarn weight descriptions?

  • Yarn patterns refer to various yarn weights using industry descriptions and graphic representations.
  • Please open the attached Yarn Weight Chart to see the yarn weight descriptions. –

Do you block or finish needlepoint projects?:  NO

  • We will share with you our knowledge about blocking and finishing any time – just give us a call (816-746-6164)
  • We do not do needlpoint finishing such as making pillows or framing pieces for wall display.
  • We do not offer a needlepoint blocking service.

Do you have knitting needles for sale?: YES

  • We have a full selection of knitting needles and crochet hooks for sale in the store.
  • Just let us know the style and size and brand.
  • We have embroidery, beading, tapestry and needlepoint needles.

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