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Customer Service hours are Tu – Sat 11:00 to 5:00 CST
Email: service@florilegium.com or phone 816-746-6164

Privacy: Your information will be protected according to the highest industry standards. We will never share or sell your data! We will use your data only as you specifically request. If you would like to join our newsletter, you must sign up for it, separately from any purchases or other communication.
Shipping: Your order should ship within two business days if placed by 1:00pm CST. Certain products are labor intensive and can take up to 8 days to ship. We will notify you via email, if that is the case.

Shipping costs are determined FOR EACH ORDER and cannot be combined for multiple orders.

Copyright: All text, photos, designs and ideas are the property of Florilegium and may only be used with our written permission. We would love to have you share our text and photos on sites like Pinterest and Facebook as long as credit is given to Florilegium.com. Please contact us with any questions info@florilegium.com

Return Policy: Please email us, at service@florilegium.com, with the original order number and ship date prior to shipping your return. Returns will be accepted within 30 days of the original shipment, and you do not need to explain why! (Although we would love all insights that will help us be better in the future!) Once the merchandise has been received in complete and original condition your credit card will be credited for the full price of the goods returned. Shipping costs will not be credited.

Warning: Many of our products include tiny parts, plastic bags and sharp, pointy objects- it is NEEDLEwork, after all! Please be prepared to take appropriate precautions to keep these objects safe from children. We will not be held responsible for any injuries that result from these objects.

And, finally, Florilegium is owned and operated by Human Beings who want you to have only wonderful experiences on our site and using our products. Occasionally we will have ” human moments” that do not go as planned. If one of our “moments” happens to you, be assured we will do everything within our power to make it right!! Let’s have a Marvelous Adventure!

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