Bohemian Scarf Kit

You must call and consult with us at 816-746-6164 to configure your personal Bohemian Scarf.  Gretchen will work with you to choose the ingredients for your one-of-a-kind custom Bohemian Scarf.

The Bohemian Scarf kit starts with a skein of Diva hand-spun yarn.  After you choose the Diva color, then the fun begins by adding all the ruffles, ribbons, corkscrews, crystals and pearls to your basic scarf.  The nature of big, bulky handspun, when knit, is to have random “holes” or spaces scattered throughout. It is fun to suspend a few big crystals or freshwater pearls in these spaces and then weave in ribbons and add ruffles to embellish your scarf.

Your scarf kit choices include: – Embellished Scarf – Est $55 – $150

1) Diva – $36.00 (DIVA Link)

2) Ruffles (Mohair, Alpaca, Casmere), – $15.00 – $30.00 for each skein

MohairRowan Kid Silkhaze (and other mohair yarns)

Alpaca – Several in-store choices to discuss with Gretchen

Cashmere – Several in-store choices to discuss with Gretchen

3) Beads – $5 – $10.00

4) Crystals – $5 – $10.00

4) Pearls – $5 – $20.00

5) Silk Ribbon – $5 – $15.00

Journal / Blog Links – Pattern and inspiration:

1) Embellished Scarf: Ruffles and Corkscrews and Pearls, Oh My! | Florilegium

2) Basic Scarf: Basic Bohemian | Florilegium

Basic Bohemian Scarf: ($36.00)

Is that title an oxymoron? Well, even full-fledged craziness has got to start somewhere, and this Bohemian Scarf mlade with 1-skein of Diva hand-spun yarn is the beginning of a wild and crazy scarf that you can embellish to the hilt.

Embellished Scarf: ($55 – $150)

It begins with a gorgeous hand-dyed, handspun art yarn that is truly a “Diva”. Knit this beauty on size 15 or 17 needles, and you’ll have the basic scarf in just an hour or two. Then the Boho embellishment can begin. I made ruffles and corkscrews of mohair and silk while scattering meandering lines of hand-dyed silk ribbons, then loosely wove fat, spindle-spun silks throughout, and embedded and dangled gemstones, crystals and pearls. These are just a few ideas, and there are no rules. 

Bohemian Scarves – Diva Handspun with embellishments:

Diva chunky hand spun yarn:

Made in the “Ozark” style, and it comes in 9 colorways with 40 yards (4 Oz) in each skein that is made from hand-dyed and hand spun yarns.  The wool and silk fibers come from several sources: Lincoln from Wisconsin, Border Leicester from Illinois, Teeswater and mohair from Iowa and Silk from Asia.

Beads and Pearls at Florilegium:

Rowan Kid Silkhaze:  Rowan Kidsilk Haze | Florilegium (link)


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