Idea #2 – I double-dog-dare-you!

Here’s a quick one! I challenge you to go to this site, find a weird word that inspires you and create SOMETHING based on your word. That’s the whole thing!!


Over the 28 years that Florilegium has existed, we have done many challenges. I think it’s time to begin again. Here are the general guidelines, if you need some:

1. You may use any aspect of the “inspiration” to riff on.

2. You may use any imaginable technique – knit it, weave it, cook it, embroider it,  write it, paint it, bead it, collage it, choreograph it, design a building, or a world, or the universe. Get the idea?

3. You do not need to use the actual “inspiration” piece in your project.

4. If it’s not possible to actually make your idea, describe it somehow.

Here’s an example: say the “inspiration” is one, tiny Swarovski crystal. You can choose any of its aspects to work from. Its color, size, sparkle, shape, name, irridescence, clarity, or the actual crystal, are all fair game.

I’d love it if you’d share your work, but that’s not the important part. Getting the creative juices flowing is the point. If you would like to share, please send to me at

Have fun! I’ll post more of these, so if one doesn’t work for you, maybe another will.



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