I have a special fondness for hearts, therefore I love Valentine’s Day. It goes back to grade school when we made those fabulous shoebox “mailboxes” for all of our “sweethearts” to fill with goofy sentiments. I cannot think of a happier day in those years. The instant the Christmas/New Year’s craziness is over, I’m all into hearts. Over the years I’ve found lots of ways to express my heart addiction.

mvc-013f  mvc-011f

These little crazy quilt hearts are made with bits and pieces of antique textiles, lace, buttons and beads. No sewing is necessary if you want to emulate the gorgeous Victorian Sailor’s Valentines, and just use beaded pins to hold it all together. The Valentine on the left has my initials and the year I made it outlined in beaded pins. There’s an actual Victorian Sailor’s Valentine at the store you can see for inspiration.

Ribbon embroidery is another sweet way to make a unique valentine. At the very top of the page, I covered a heart-shaped pincushion in blush pink bridal satin, outlined the edge with pearls, and folded and stitched hand-dyed silk ribbons into leaves and roses. The pillow, below, is based on the antique postcard sitting next to it. It’s hard to see, but the pillow says “To my Sweetheart”, in silk buttonhole twist,  diagonally across the center. There is a little peyote stitch heart hanging from the upper left corner.  The pillow is covered in hand-dyed silk velvet, silk organza and silk satin ribbon. There are bands of beaded feather-stitching defining the border. The big heart in the center is many layers of silk organza just held there by the embroidery.

GJN To My Sweetheart Pillow Mvc-653f  Mvc-777f

For knitters and crocheters, a big old Freeform heart pillow will be as unique as your sweetheart! Make it crazy, like mine, or refined and elegant. It just depends on the yarns and stitches you choose. (and maybe, it depends on your sweetie.)


Maybe you are a needlepointer? Grab some rich colors in wool, silk or beads and Bargello a “card”. Make it a pocket, and hide your bon mots inside or bravely proclaim them on the back.

NP Bargello Pieces 2-P1100540

Below is a little fabric kaleidoscope book. Just glue fabric to cardstock pages and use those great big punches to make the heart shapes. Use grommets and waxed linen to bind the pages, add some ribbon ties and you’re done!

016-P1110264  015-P1110263

If you prefer something easier or less “Valentine-y”, here is a discreet little bleeding heart to sew onto anything – a card, a purse or hat, your lapel, and so on.


And finally (for today, anyway) a Freelace heart ornament to hang on a doorknob, over a picture frame, or just to decorate a package.  Use a hand-marbled ribbon and just a few beads and crystals to catch a glint of sunlight.

Free Lace 1-P1110927

There’s still plenty of time to make any of these ideas, and we are glad to show you these techniques. We also have beautiful materials worthy of your time. We can make sure you have a one-of-a-kind holiday!!

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