Slip-Slidin’ Away


For Freeform knitting, one of my favorite knit stitches is the slip-stitch . In its simplest form, it makes a grid filled with bumps, using two different yarns. All sorts of textures are possible depending on the combination of yarns you use, and the best part is that you only knit with one yarn at a time.


Have fun experimenting with different yarn combinations. Wildly different colors used together will really pop, similar colors will  cause the focus to be on texture. I like to combine finer yarns for the grid and thick, lumpy ones for the bumps.  The same type of yarn used for grid and bumps will cause the focus to be more on color. Or, try keeping the grid yarn the same but changing the color or texture of the bumps every few rows. The possibilities are endless!


The pattern in these photos consists of just 4 rows that are repeated. I always start with the yarn that will make the grid. On an odd number of stitches, knit two rows. Drop the grid yarn and switch to the yarn that will make the “bumps” for the next two rows. These are the slip-stitch rows. Slip stitches purlwise. When slipping on the wrong side, be sure to bring the working yarn to the front (the side you are looking at at that moment), and move it to the back for the Knit stitches. IN other words, you will be moving the yarn back and forth on EVERY stitch when on the wrong side.


Left: “Grid” rows are one color.    Right: “Slip-stitch” rows are two colors, but knit with just one.

Here’s another way to state the pattern:

Cast on an odd number of stitches.

**With grid yarn, knit two rows.

With “bump” yarn, knit 2 rows as follows: row 1: With yarn in back  *(wyib) SL1, K 1,*, repeat *to* to last stitch, SL1.

row 2: With yarn in front *(wyif) SL1, K 1*, repeat *to* to last stitch, wyif SL1.  **

Repeat from ** to ** until piece is the length you like.

Slip-stitch squares are a perfect starting point for a Freeform scrumble, but it’s also easy to pick up the first row from any edge. I will be talking about lots more favorite stitches, and this week I’ll begin a scrumble to show how to build a piece using these stitches. I’d love to have you join me! There will also be a Freeform group on Facebook, where I hope to see lots of examples and discussions. It should be fun!


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