One Small Thing, Every Day


Many people have asked me how to get started doing Freeform.  So, I thought I would work some scrumbles, bit by bit to show how I do it. I’d love to have you work along with me using ANY yarns you have on hand (or buy the Artist Assortment here). Feel free to veer off in your own direction at any time!

I’m not sure it’s a New Year’s Resolution, but it’s definitely a new plan. Every day, one small thing, at least. Just as writers must face the blank page, and painters must face the blank canvas, we must all face the blank space before the idea forms. The best way I know to do that is to just start. Here I begin a new Freeform piece with no idea where it will go. I grabbed my bag of Artist’s Assortment yarns, a crochet hook and a small pair of knitting needles.


I made a slip-stitch square on 15 stitches, then proceeded to build a popcorn pyramid off of one corner. To make life easier, work popcorns from the wrong side. Each new row of popcorns is worked BETWEEN those on the preceding row.. I’m choosing colors I like, but I’m not overly concerned about them.

Over the course of a Freeform piece, there is always plenty of time to balance out any problems. Using the artist assortment assures me that everything will look good together in the end. Even when I’m grabbing wildly from my stash, I know there will be plenty of time to fix any imbalances. That’s one of the best things about Freeform!

I’ve always thought that the crazier the shape is, the more opportunity it presents. I never try to keep my scrumbles square, for instance.  Later on you’ll see that this actually helps them all to fit together.


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