Freelace Frenzy

Free Lace Trim 1-P1110972

I have recently gone off on a tangent. It happens, sometimes. This time I’ve totally immersed myself in hand-dyed ribbons, beads, crystals, and Freelace paper. Aside from everyday stuff that MUST happen, I’ve spent all my free time making trims and embellishing ribbons. As an Embellishment Afficionado, I have travelled the world looking for unusual trims and handmade flights of fancy, so it doesn’t seem crazy (does it?) that I would have this much fun making my own?

Beaded Trim in processRibbon trim in process

It’s so simple!! The two trims, above, begin with a bit of hand-dyed ribbon. I enclosed it in the Freelace “sandwich”, first. On the left, above, the yellow triangles are just thread shapes I stitched on the machine. Then I added beads, by hand, before dissolving the Freelace paper. On the right, machine stitching created the narrow, scalloped and V-shaped lines. Beads and pearls were added by hand.

Free Lace 1-P1110927

This is so much fun, I want to make it easy for everyone to give it a try. In the next few days we will be announcing an event to make that happen. Stay tuned…:-)




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  1. Priscilla Poupore November 21, 2013 at 8:04 am #

    these delicate beauties are so exciting my heart is just pounding with desire…….

  2. gretchen November 21, 2013 at 9:54 am #

    Thank you, Priscilla! I’ve just found your email, and I will send you a kit!!

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