PE #1: Decisions, Decisions

Public Experiment #1 passes from a dream-state into reality as choices are made. A huge decision was what type of binding to use. This would determine where the Fair-Isle piece would  land – on the side or on top. I also needed to decide if I would stack the individual pages into multi-layer signatures or allow each page to have at least one full spread. I plan to use a version of a Coptic binding that will allow the “front” of each page to spread flat. The “back” of each page will interact with the two pages on each side of it.

Public Experiment 1 1-P1110884-001

The cover is lined (but not finished!), and a tentative choice for page one is in place. Page one is a sun-print I made last summer with stitched outlines in multi-colored threads.

Public Experiment 1 6-P1110891-001

Before stitching, I ironed on some freezer paper to make stitching easier  (thinking I would remove it afterwards………..uh oh).

Public Experiment 1 8-P1110896-001

But, there is something appealing about the stitched paper that works well in this context, so it will stay. (Whew!)


These are Dover images that came with a CD to make reproducing them easy. I needed some birds and butterflies in my garden, so I printed them on silk organza.

Free Lace Trim5-P1110879Free Lace Trim2-P1110874

Simultaneously, I have been experimenting with Freelace paper to make trims and ornaments. (The two, above, are still in the freelace paper and ready to dissolve). They consist of my hand-dyed ribbons, Czech pressed glass beads, pearls and Swarovski crystals – everything else is just thread. This experimentation meant that I had a bit of freelace paper on hand, and that I was in “sewing machine mode” which made the next page much easier to begin. Yep, it’s just the beginning.

Public Experiment 1 02-P1110909

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