Public Experiment #1

Public Experient #1 GJN 03-P1110378

One late night, not so long ago, it seemed like an interesting idea to start a project and expose the insanity along the way. I mean from the first twinkle: the inspirations, the initial visualizations, the awkward attempts and any successes, too.

How much will the end result resemble the first flash of the idea? What will we learn along the way? Will it actually be interesting? We’ll see……….

There are just two elements to my idea, at this point: Freeform and gardens. Every technique and material I know is allowed, and hopefully a few new ones will become necessary. Oh, and there will  be no timetable. It may take the rest of my life or two weeks. Don’t know.

SO, we begin with the idea of a freeform project that will be public from its inception. I will expose the goofs, dead-ends and ugliness, the flashes of insight and happy results, as well. Since I had this idea a few weeks ago, I’ve been busy thinking about other things – BUT – the wheels are turning in the back of my head, so I must begin.

Below you’ll see a few of the inspirations I’ve accumulated, so far. I will talk more about these in the future, because they are full of inspiration and I’d like to giveaway a copy of several of these. (Please see my next blog post titled “woof” for details on winning one of two copies of “woof”.)

Public Experiment 1 4-P1110567

And some more inspiration with the first two “awkward attempts”:

Public Experiment 1 8-P1110559

In my mind’s eye I see the beginning as a dark, foreboding??, three-dimensional forest with the “illuminated” sky of Gaston Phebus’s Hunting Book. The forest will either be needlelace or Freelace – maybe crochet………or a combination. The glowing, illuminated sky may be needlepoint or knitting. The “attempts” above were tiny garter stitch squares in sock yarn, then a finer rayon. Then I found a bunch of beaded mosaic stitch (needlepoint) I started long ago, that might be a better approach….hmmm…….








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