The Victorian crazy quilt hanging on the back wall, above,  is one of my favorite finds! It is completely and unabashedly original. Every single motif is straight from the heart, and I haven’t found two alike in many years of looking. Unlike many of the crazies I’ve found, this one does not contain any motifs purchased at the General Store or the latest issue of Peterson’s Magazine.

Coleus Quilt P1110469-001

There are three main elements: the central square of four triangular (trapezoidal) squares, the rectangular border pieces and the corner “squares”. The fabric colors are so striking and contemporary, it’s easy to overlook all the amazing embroidery. There is also an unusual fabric treatment, almost like molas, in which several layers of different colors are cut into unusual shapes, layered and then embroidered.

Coleus Quilt P1110490

Once I absorbed the colors and shapes, soaked up the naïve and dainty floral sprays, was tickled by the borders and corner elements, I noticed the “feather” stitching. It is also infinitely varied, multi-colored and charming. Are you as enchanted by this work of art as I am??

For years we have planned to photograph every element of this quilt to publish for those of you who might like to study it, or find elements to add to your own repertoire. We have begun photographing it and hope to have the first installment ready, soon. If it intriques you, please feel free to use the photos I’ve shared here to begin ideas of your own.

In honor of the birth of this project, we are celebrating leaves. Leaves are a theme in this quilt, and my husband is certain they are coleus – one of his favorites. So, we searched through our stash of Berlin Wool Work Charts and found the following to add to our offerings:

Berlin Charts Coleus 2-Top-005

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