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David Gentzsch of Ozark Handspun is one of our all-time favorite people, and he graced us with a visit this weekend. The beauty you see in the bowl, above, is his creation.  On Saturday we got to watch it happen.


He made it seem so simple, with just a bubbling pot, some silk scarves and spun wool.

Ozark Party P1130901 (52)

This had been a pure white, silk, scarf. The impressionistic results were stunning.

imageAnother reason we love David’s visits is all the great stuff he brings with him. This time he brought the most amazing things I have ever seen. The photos, below, show a Giant Silk Hankie. If you are familiar with these hankies, you’ve probably seen MUCH smaller versions. These enormous ones are large enough to be blankets, and what a delight it would be to curl up in one!

Ozark Party P1130901 (24) Ozark Party P1130901 (42)



This skein was an over-dye that surprised us all. Oh, if it could only be reproduced.

imageSome knit pieces that emerged from the hot pink dye, deeper and richer but without losing any of the original variety of colors.


Ellen consented to model a luscious lavender mane for us. These are rare, but they present endless creative opportunities. If you would like to work with one, give us a call as we try to always have a few on hand.

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  1. Patty in Kansas April 28, 2014 at 8:40 am #

    Hello All…I am enjoying your lovely blog…the colors of the yarns are inspiring. I need to make another trip to your wonderful shop. Please tell Cathy that I send love from Atchison! Keep up the beautiful blog entries, Gretchen!

    • gretchen April 28, 2014 at 8:49 am #

      Dear Patty, I will be certain to pass your message on to Cathy. And, I thank you for your encouragement, it is much appreciated! g

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