A Season of Wonder


I Wonder

In the spirit of the season, I would like to announce our final book giveaway of 2013. This time it is a brand-spanking-new-in-the-wrapper, hardbound book called “I Wonder”. It is a highly original work unlike anything I have ever seen. I call it a “thinking” book, because it must be read to be completely appreciated. The illustrations are all works of art by the author, Marian Bantjes, who might be called a typographer or a graphic designer; but, I just call her an artist. Many of her works remind me of Illuminated Manuscripts, but they are a completely original take, light-years from the early works. (And, that’s not all she does, by far!!)


I’d like you to hear a word from Marian, herself, and from Stefan Sagmeister who wrote the Forward:

First, Marian: When approached by the publisher about “doing a monograph of my work…………..I didn’t believe I was ready for a Tome, and proposed instead this quirky idea of a book – a book that was difficult to define, and required a certain leap of the imagination to understand without seeing it in its entirety.”

From Stefan: “Marian’s work might be my favourite example of beauty facilitating the communication of meaning………The expectations raised by her immaculate form are matched by the significance of the content…It’s like meeting a supermodel who turns out to be a neuroscientist……………. It’s not only wonderful, but full of wonder.”


The Sun the moo     the star


I’ve said this before, in regard to this book – it is difficult to show you anything more without fear of spoiling your adventure. There is something here for everyone willing to be drawn in to the magic. This is a book to savor before the fire with a cup of tea and a whole afternoon ahead of you. This book gives me goosebumps!

If you are interested in winning, please leave a comment on this post or “like” our Facebook post. I will draw a name on December 27, 2013 AND I will announce it on the blog and on Facebook/FlorilegiumStudio.

Here’s a little bonus for all of you that will be assembling Christmas gifts, soon – Instructions for assembling bookshelves from IKEA, Marian Bantjes-style:

Bantjes Ike

These actually make perfect sense, but I only showed you half the page…..:-)




2 Responses to A Season of Wonder

  1. Mary Wikert December 7, 2013 at 12:55 pm #

    Hi Gretchen!
    This sounds like a very unusual and creative book…a book that does far more for one’s soul than a simple” page through”. The examples you have shown definitely make me curious to see more! I am always looking for special books that send my creative thoughts into the stratosphere and my heart into a bit of friendly arrhythmia! I know that if you are recommending this book, then it must be a spectacular volume! Thanks so much for sharing this and have a great weekend.

    Mary Wikert

  2. Priscilla Poupore December 7, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

    Exciting, thrilling and most of all inviting.
    Thank you for sharing and if I don’t win I’ll have to buy it.

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