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Lots of new things have arrived this past week. Great charms from Susan Clarke, and some spectacular handmade buttons by artist Robin Mackintosh. These are the types of buttons you buy FIRST, then decide what to make FOR them!!

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image Suzanne Lawrence is a master of beautiful details, especially when they involve embroidery, ribbon and luscious materials. Her beautiful jewelry and ornaments are one-of-a-kind gifts for very special friends or the treasures we long to keep, and we have a wonderful assortment right now.


I’ve been busy exploring the possibilities of Freelace , making fabric fragments and one-of-a-kind ribbons unlike anything I’ve seen before…(for better or worse!!). Some WONDERFUL jewelry ideas came out of this week’s experimentation. I’ll show you more of that next week. I think we need a get-together to play with these ideas!!!


Then there were the arrivals of lots of yarn. Not pictured here (because I spaced out!), is a gorgeous shipment of Ozark Handspun. In the photo, below, is a new yarn named “Orchidea”,  a tubular ribbon that will work in all sorts of knit, crochet, kumihimo, freelace, and collage projects. I just couldn’t resist the colors!!


Then there are some newly re-stocked yarns like Segue – a great ribbon to use as yarn or ribbon, and Frogtree’s lovely sport-weight alpaca. We consider that one a staple around here since it’s nearly as soft as cashmere without the price tag and non-allergenic, to boot. There are more than twenty colors on hand, so there are some awesome fair isle, entrelac and mitered squares possibilities!

image image

Then, the wildest of all, which came in a couple week’s ago, but I forgot to tell you – New Zealand Opossum yarn. These are very different animals than the opossums we have here!! They’re huge and have gorgeous soft, dark fur. The drape and softness of this yarn is hard to describe, so come have a look at a beautiful example in the store.

image  image

There were many more things that disappeared too fast for me to show you. Malabrigo yarns, hand-dyed silks, velvets, cheesecloth and scarves, to name a few. I’m going to be working on more in the next week or so while we await a big button shipment, some new ribbons for dyeing, and other tantalizing goodies!




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