Small Things after Something Bigger than I Thought


The past few years have been full of  bumps in the road. I always think I can sail over them without a hitch, but it never quite happens like that. A month ago I was fortunate, indeed, to have a procedure that has helped me tremendously. It’s a miracle! I am giddy with oxygen and abilities that have been restored after three tough years.  This bump in the road has been more like a ramp, launching me upward – “to infinity and beyond”. I’ve spent the last four weeks adjusting to my new superpowers, but it’s time to get back to work!

Last night I got going, again, on the Freeform piece that has developed on these pages. First, there is a little cluster of popcorns in a notch on one side.


Then I made a couple rows of what I call “lichen stitch”.



“Lichen Stitch” (my name for it) is crocheted.  First there is a row or three of single crochet. Then, on a wrong-side row, about every 5 stitches, make a “lichen” as follows:

Double-crochet in the next stitch, then make 11 more double-crochets in the base of the first one. Single crochet in the next 5 single crochets, then lichen. Continue as long as you like. When you turn, make a row of single crochets being careful to leave the lichens un-attached. On succeeding rows, I placed the lichens between the previous ones, so they are staggered. This would be a fun technique to play with!! Change colors, change placement, add leaves, etc.

It’s lovely to have a Freeform piece in progress to get the creative juices flowing again!


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