Mokuba Ribbon

The Mokuba Ribbon company creates many beautiful ribbons, trims and laces, besides its fabulous Free Lace Paper. You will notice a romantic, vintage feel with many of the choices we sell. It is an investment worthy of the heirloom pieces you will create with it!

Ribbons at Florilegium (inspiration page)

  1. Mokuba Ribbon Cabinet P1030810  Mokuba Floral Tape #1  $3.95$19.73  SELECT OPTIONS
  2. Ribbon Cabinet P1010183  Mokuba Floral Tape #2 $2.75$18.89  SELECT OPTIONS
  3. Ombre #1542 color 1-16   Mokuba Ombre Embroidery Ribbon   $0.95  SELECT OPTIONS
  4. Mokuba 2600 C#38+ P1190665  Mokuba Picot Ribbon   $1.95  SELECT OPTIONS
  5. Quilt Stitches mvc-034f  Mokuba Floral Tape Double Loop 9336  $1.97  SELECT OPTIONS
  6. Mokuba P1130815  Mokuba Floral Tape Single Loop 9335  $1.63  SELECT OPTIONS
  7.   Mokuba Velvet Ribbon 4mm –  $5.95 SELECT OPTIONS

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