Mokuba Ribbon Floral Tape Double Loop 9336


The Mokuba Ribbon  company creates many beautiful ribbons, trims and laces, besides its fabulous Free Lace Paper. You will notice a romantic, vintage feel with many of the choices we sell. It is an investment worthy of the heirloom pieces you will create with it! These Mokuba Ribbons are sold by the foot (12 inches), so our crazy quilters can buy just what they need.


The photos below are close ups of these ribbons.  If you have any questions please call us at 816-746-6164.

Additional information

Weight .001 lbs
Dimensions 5 × .125 × .02 in

9336-1, 9336-2, 9336-3, 9336-4, 9336-5, 9336-7, 9336-9, 9336-10, 9336-11, 9336-12, 9336-13, 9336-15, 9336-17, 9336-19, 9336-20


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