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NPI silk, 8 ply silk, comes in an exquisite color palette of 476 colors, with very subtle gradations within a color family. This makes it perfect for shading, bargello work, etc. We offer single strands (18” each, minimum purchase of 10) and 45 meter continuous hanks (48.75yds).

Please call 816-746-6164 to order NPI Silk.  Sorry no shopping cart orders right now.

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Needlepoint Inc Silk offers a selection of 476 colors of colorfast silk in 8 ply strands. Florilegium offers the NPI Silk to you in 45 Meter Hanks (48.75yds) or in 18 inch strands (We do not carry the 5 meter skeins). We use the NPI Silk for any needlework, needlepoint or embroidery project that we want the look and feel of this wonderful silk.

Needlepoint Silk is reeled, not spun, making the filaments longer and of a higher quality for use in needlepoint and any other embroidery work you have. This silk has a rounded appearance and is very easy to separate for use on petit point or for combining colors to make finite shading changes.

To add that heirloom presence to your work we recommend NPI Silk.


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