Beaded Purse – Hunter and Hound, Berlinwork Pattern


This is a very old beaded purse dating from the mid 19th century. It is lined with a chamois-type leather which has helped to protect the beadwork. It features two different scenes; one is the hunter and his dog and the other is his prey, a spectacular elk. The piecrust bottom, the use of cornflower blue beads, and the general shape and size indicate this bag is circa 1850. We have also found documentation of the pattern from which this bag was knit. (see below for more photos)

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Here are more detailed photos. The areas with bead loss are on the dog and on the elk’s chest and belly. At first I thought these were intentionally left un-beaded because they added texture in logical places, but closer inspection proves me wrong. It appears that one particular type of bead was used in all these areas, and it just didn’t hold up well.  The other bead losses are the skirt of the tassel at the bottom and scattered small losses throughout the piecrust bottom. There are no holes, as are usually found in this genre of bag. The leather lining has done a remarkable  job of supporting the body of the bag.

The last four images show pages from Raffaella Serena’s book titled Animal Embroideries and Patterns from 19th Century Vienna which include another purse made from this pattern, proving it likely that a Berlinwork pattern was the source for both purses.


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