Studio Collection: Cottage Garden #1


For those who would like ideas for using our Artist’s Assortment in the Cottage Garden Colorway, we have created Floril’s first Studio Collection. It combines project ideas with one Artist’s Assortment of yarn and all the materials and tools needed to complete the projects. Techniques covered are Knitting, Crochet, Needlepoint, Freelace, Freeform and more. We have wrapped it all in a handpainted box and tied it with a hand-dyed silk ribbon. (more information below)


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Welcome to Floril’s first Studio Collection! This collection is designed for adventurous needleworkers with basic skills in knitting, crochet and needlepoint. The centerpiece of the collection is our Artist’s Assortment of hand-dyed yarn in the “Cottage Garden” colorway. This beautiful 100% merino, superwash wool yarn can be used in many techniques, including needlepoint, crochet, embroidery, and knitting in many gauges. Ten yards each of 28 carefully chosen colors provide an exquisite palette to inspire countless color combinations fresh from a Cottage Garden.

 Floril has also provided a number of project ideas to fuel your creative fire. You will find guidelines for small, but intriguing projects that she hopes will spark your imagination and expand your repertoire. There is a tiny bag knit in an entrelac pattern that has been modified in an unusual way.  Use what you learn to make any size bag from any yarn. There are outlines for bargello patterns with instructions for a case to fit your phone. There are crocheted floral medallions to decorate your accessories or to form the basis of a Freeform piece. Freeform is introduced through some of Floril’s favorite stitches with photos of many stitch and color combinations that you may use as you wish.  Freelace is also introduced, here, and it will appear in many ways in future collections.  Follow her path, or forge your own way. Think of this collection as a chemistry set for fiber lovers. Experiment. Collect techniques. Document your results in a unique, handmade journal or use them in a variety of other interesting ways.

Dig deeper into the handpainted box and discover hand-dyed fabrics, threads, needles, beads, crystals, sequin yarns, canvas, freelace paper and all the extras you need to complete Floril’s projects. With the purchase of this collection, you will also be given access to a “secret” compartment on our website that contains videos about the stitches, techniques and finishing tips used in these projects. Begin a marvelous adventure!


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