One Small Thing, #9


The general shape of this piece is too rectangular. I’d like to add some bigger curves, angles and jutting promontories to break up the straight lines. Today I’m just beginning to work on the bottom edge.

At the lower left side, under the entrelac section, I’ve made a small, yellow wedge using knitted short rows. Short rows just mean that instead of knitting the entire row, you turn partway and knit back to the beginning of the row.

For this wedge, I picked up 17 stitches then turned and knit back to the beginning. Next, I knit 10 sts, turned, and knit back to the beginning. Then 7, then 10, then 17. There’s another little detail that keeps holes from appearing where you turn, called a “wrap”. They aren’t always necessary, but here’s how to do them:

1. Knit the specified number of stitches before the turn.

2. Slip the next stitch to the right needle, bring the yarn forward, slide the slipped stitch back to the left needle. Turn.

3. Whenever you knit a wrapped stitch, slide your needle under the wrap before inserting it into the stitch, so that you knit the wrap with the stitch.


I couldn’t resist adding one more element. I liked the color and texture of the first cluster of bullions, at the lower right, so when I found another little V-shaped dip I threw in another cluster. It’s good to tailor them to the spot, so these are slightly shorter than the first.



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