It’s been a hectic week, and one in which biting off more than I can chew was the theme. In an attempt to force certain things to happen, I set an unreasonable deadline and jeopardized many good things that might have happened. OOOOHHH, when will I learn?


I’ve always wondered why they force doctors to work for days without sleeping. I suppose it toughens them, tempers their inner steel for the stresses ahead. But isn’t the risk intolerably high? Isn’t there a better, well-rested way? Well, maybe not for doctors, but certainly for the likes of me!


Or, how about newspaper and magazine deadlines? Why, when the deadline is known from the get-go, is there always a rush at the end? Is it ever possible to know, in advance, how much work there will be and how long it will take?

Kumi for newsletter

The only thing I know for sure, but always forget, is that it WILL ALWAYS take more time than I expected. No matter what. Always!

The Fibers included in this assortment


I dream of the day when I can push my limits without exceeding my time, when I can have the luxury of taking however long it takes.

In the meantime, thank heaven for Kumihimo, meditation with ten threads.

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