Idea #6 – Poetic Ribbons

This post will be two quick ideas. The fringes on the Freelace scarf, above, have been printed on my computer, which is idea #1. The phrases were developed using my “word jar” collection, which is idea #2.

Idea #1:

1.To print your own, original ribbons – saying anything you can imagine – first write out what you’d like to say in your favorite word processor. Adjust the fonts and letter sizes to your liking, too, keeping in mind the width of the ribbon you’ll be using.

2. Print your sayings on ordinary printer paper.

3. Place double-stick tape (preferably the same width as your ribbon)  over each saying.

4. Attach lengths of ribbon to the tape. Be sure to stick them down well, with no loose edges or threads hanging. (I use double-sided silk satin ribbon. If you need some, please message me in the comments, or email )

5. Put paper back into the printer in the same orientation as when it was printed.

6. Print your saying, again. This time it will be on the ribbon.

Idea #2, Word Jars for would-be Poets:

If you love words, this will be fun and easy!! Find three jars, or other containers to be used for Nouns, Adjectives and Adverbs. Save your favorite words in these jars. Hunt for them in books, magazines, overheard conversations, on-line word generators, signs – ANYWHERE!!!!

Then PLAY! Randomly grab a word from each jar, and see if you can make a coherent thought with them.

You’ll be a poet in no time!



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