“How the Light Gets in”


This summer, there was construction on the back of our house which dislocated my morning musings. I was forced to the front porch, where I dragged this ratty old chair. Early in the morning, with a glass of Zen tea, my journal and whatever project I plan to work on, I embed myself, behind the overgrown lilac bushes and flowering trees, to work for a quiet hour or two.


Soon I realize that I am not alone.


So, now we call this morning tradition “Lizard Watch”. Today, on my one day off, I have dragged puzzles to the porch – a mystery novel and a new way to knit. Musing, murder mysteries and making things in the fresh air and sunshine…..



This is how my light gets in.







2 Responses to “How the Light Gets in”

  1. Suzanne Baetz September 20, 2015 at 7:54 pm #

    Hi Gretchen

    Although I’m not as creative as u I do like ur novels. I’m reading A Fatal Grace. Do enjoy her novels. Would u explain “a new way to knit?”

    U r so creative, what’s new


    • gretchen September 20, 2015 at 9:40 pm #

      Hi Suzanne! So you love Chief Inspector Gamache, too? I wish I could live in Three Pines!! (oh, except for the snow..) The “new” way to knit is really just a new way of thinking about knitting. It’s called “Sequence” knitting, and I will do a post about it, with some pictures, later this week. It’s a super simple way to make complex patterns, and I am having a total blast with it!! I promise to explain better, this week!!! So nice to hear from you!!!

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