Handspun Capelet


This little capelet is so quick to knit that there’s plenty of time to make several before Christmas. I began this one at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, and finished it this morning. I did NOT stay up late, either. Find 3 to 6 skeins of a chunky handspun yarn in at least three different colorways. ( My yarn averages 40 yards per skein and I used six colorways – 6 skeins.) Use  a 32″ circular size 15 or 17 needle – you will not knit in the round, but the circular helps distribute the weight.


The capelet is knit side to side on 30 sts. The pattern is as follows:

*Knit two rows.

Knit 10 sts, wrap & turn, knit back on the 10 sts.

Knit 20 sts, wrap & turn, knit back on the 20 sts.

Knit 4 rows. *

Repeat * to * until the capelet fits perfectly, Bind off. Seam the cast-on edge to the bound-off  edgeor lace a beautiful ribbon to join the beginning to the end.


We have loads of gorgeous handspun and would be happy to put together a custom combination for you. If you use a larger needle or looser stitch, this project can be made with as few as three skeins.


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