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Freeform Journal Crazy #2 2-P1100063-001

Here is another “blank” book (in process) that I call the “Cottage Garden Journal”. The cover is primarily Freeform knitting and crochet with a spine of Bargello needlepoint. There are lots of openings in the Freeform that see through to multi-print, marbled fabrics. Many of the Freeform elements are based on the marbled shapes on the next page. I have begun to embroider with silk buttonhole twist in an abstract way on the marbled fabrics.

Freeform Journal Crazy #2 20-P1080277

This journal is a research project full of outlandish combinations of color and materials. I love the kaleidoscopic effect of seeing through the layers. These two pages (above) include ribbon snippets, hand-dyed cheesecloth, metallic lace and more multi-print marbled fabrics. Embroidery on earlier pages peeks out at the edges. In the back of my mind, at all times, is the theme of the Cottage Garden.

Freeform Journal Crazy #2 1-P1100058-001

This lacy page was made with Freelace paper and random little cuts of hand-dyed fabric and yarn. It feels like a summer breeze is wafting through my garden. Wisps of cloud are beginning to form in the sky.

I know this is a piece of craziness, but, I learn so much by going over the top. Color and texture feed me. This is still a “blank” book full of potential. I have no idea where it’s going, but so far the journey has been a blast!




[The cover is made with  Artist’s Assortments in the Cottage Garden colorway, a touch of laceweight mohair, and some 18 mesh needlepoint canvas. The grass and wispy clouds were made with freelace paper

Hand-dyed cheesecloth and multi- print marbled fabrics are coming soon

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