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Every now and then I like to share some antique pieces that are loaded with ideas we could use today. This Victorian-era “clock-shelf” is made of the finest, soft wool fabric  with lots of embroidery and applied pieces of shaped milliner’s velvet. The colors, textures, pattern, embroidery stitches, shape and even intended use of this piece could all be adapted in any number of ways. I can see it lining a shabby chic mantelpiece or trimming the skirt of a slipper chair.


These sweet little boxes have many uses, but their beauty is reason enough to enjoy them.  All of them were made from the finest silks, beads, metallic trims and ribbons.


The two tiny boxes, above, are quite the project! First there are beaded, perforated paper embroideries to place on the lids of the boxes. Then glass was secured with embossed metallic papers. The bodies of the boxes were covered in fancy, metallic papers and narrow metallic trims – rather like the copper foil used in stained glass, but narrower. Just finding such elegant materials would be the first challenge, then designing such exquisite beadwork would be another. Someday I hope to attempt my own versions of all of these pieces. If you beat me to it, will you send a photo?


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