Antique Albums for Handmade Journals

Hand Made Books 15-P1110151

I was rooting around, the other day, and found a little book I started years ago using an old photo album. Back then, as so often happens, I had been at an antique mall looking for something entirely different when I rounded a corner and nearly fainted. There was an ENORMOUS stash of old photo albums in just bad enough condition that I could afford them and didn’t have to feel bad taking them apart.

My first foray into album alteration made a Beaded Botanical Compendium out of this tiny little book.

Beaded Botanicals Book 25-P1110136

It goes something like this:

Beaded Botanicals Book 21-P1110143 Beaded Botanicals Book 20-P1110144

Beaded Botanicals Book 19-P1110145Beaded Botanicals Book 18-P1110146

And it still has a long way to go…………….

Then, because I function much better with 4000 projects in progress, I grabbed another album and dove into Mary Ann Moss’s “Full Tilt Boogie”.

Full Tilt Boogie Book 13-P1110155Full Tilt Boogie Book 14-P1110153

This is essentially a blank book, waiting for some painting/stamping/collage-ing/stenciling and happy memories. It is comprised of 13 signatures that each begin with my marbled papers, some colorful greeting cards, and loads of watercolor papers (that are boring, so I won’t show you.)  Until then, it looks like this inside:

Full Tilt Boogie Book 05-P1110172

Full Tilt Boogie Book 12-P1110158







If you’re interested in trying this, be sure to visit Mary Ann Moss at Dispatch from LA  for some great inspiration and online classes.

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  1. Eileen Sullivan August 31, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

    Absolutely love this journal! It is stunning!! I will be a regular follower.

    • gretchen August 31, 2013 at 8:28 pm #

      I’m so happy you’re here! Are you a bookmaker or journaler, too?

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