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Book-aholism runs deep in my family. It’s the one genetic affliction for which I am grateful. Over the course of a lifetime spent in bookstores, I have encountered MANY awe-inspiring tomes that I would love to share with you. To that end we have added a sidebar to the website with links to Amazon for more info and to make it easier if you wish to purchase them. I am not an Amazon affiliate and do not benefit in any way from these recommendations. I just hope you will love the books!!

Paradise, to me, is a pile of books, a glass of iced green tea and a place in the fresh air to dream. In today’s pile is one of the more unusual books I’ve ever found. It’s called I Wonder by Marian Bantjes, and if you “wonder” what fresh vegetables, diamonds and cemeteries might have in common, you’ll need this book to find out. But, if I’ve made the book sound trivial, forgive me. It is not! It is a gorgeous book full of deep contemplation on subjects like “wonder”, “art”, “honour” and “symbolism” nested among glorious, eclectic images unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I can’t count the hours I’ve spent with this book, always finding fresh insight. It unfolds in such a fascinating way that I can’t even share pictures with you for fear of altering your perception. I Wonder must be experienced in your own way.


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