Needlepoint Canvas Color Service


Canvas color calculations are an essential needlepoint hand painted canvas service. Along with supplying you with 3-Ply Persian Paternayan / Colonial yarn, we want to assist you with calculating the proper quantity and colors you need to match your needlepoint canvas.  If you send your canvas or photos, we will calculate based on the detail and size of your canvas and the number of colors.  The final step is to send you a color sheet to make the final color and thread decisions.

Measure your total canvas size in square inches and put that number into the “ADD TO CART” field below.


  1. Our cost is $0.06/square inch maximum cost.  Example 20″ x “20” = 400 square inches at $0.08/Sq In = $32.00
  2. Expect 2-4 weeks to complete each canvas.  We will be in communication with you regarding the schedule.
  3. You can mail your canvas (your cost) or send a great photo to start the process.  Florilegium, 367 Main Street Weston. MO 64098.
  4. Discounts may apply for larger canvas openings or if less colors are required, after we review your canvas.
  5. The final step, we will send you a canvas color map and a yarn color chart for you to make the final decision.

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Canvas Mesh Size

24, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5


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