Less Traveled Yarn


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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in

Madeline, Grape Soda, Gadsby, Sonoran Sunset, Spellbound, Orion, Heartthrob, Heartthrob Mohare Silk, Merlo Alpaca, Merlo, Stone Fox, Champagne Diva Silk, Opera Cake, Monarch, Practically Magic, Raspberry Sorbet, Gumdrops Alpaca, Gumdrops, Hardcore Peach, Tangelo, Brick House, Berry Bramble, Monsoon, Forrest Floor, Barnwood, Barley, Ashbrook, Last Dance, Strictly Copasetic, Lucy in the sky, Just another manic mermaid, The Diplomat, Spotlight Dyno Mite, Aurora Borealis, Lagoon, Lagoon Mohair, French Perfume, Pine Cone Cowboy, Mad Haberdashery, Witchy Woman, Abergine, Tuesday Night Dance Party, Granny Smith


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