Cottage Garden Variety


Within this box lies unlimited potential for creativity. The 28  hand-dyed colors work together beautifully to create original designs in many techniques and color combinations. The versatile, 100% merino sock-weight yarn can be knit, crocheted, embroidered and needlepointed. It makes gorgeous machine-wrapped cord, kumihimo braids, unique freelace fabrics, and so much more. (10 yards each of 28 colors)

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The Artist’s Assortment Cottage Garden Variety of colors is a carefully chosen palette of hand-dyed yarns designed with the adventurous Fiber Artist in mind. Each assortment contains 28 ten-yard skeins of finest quality superwash, 100% merino wool. This yarn can be used in knitting, crochet, needlepoint, embroidery, collage, kumihimo, machine-wrapped cord, freelace and freeform creations. It loves knitting needles from size ’O’ to ’8′ and a crochet hook size ‘B’. It is the perfect yarn for Bargello on size 18 canvas or tent stitch on 13 or 14 mesh. By itself it won’t felt, but combined with yarns and rovings that will, it can be a beautiful addition.

These yarns are particularly beautiful in stitches that use more than one color, like slip-stitch, fair isle, entrelac, and knit-one below. Use them for crocheted accents like popcorns, floral motifs, and corkscrews. They are resilient enough for embroidery and needlepoint and are not even phased by the very wet freelace technique.I

For those who would like ideas and projects specifically designed for the “Cottage Garden Variety” Assortment, we have created a Collection that includes Entrelac, Bargello, Crocheted Floral medallions, Fair Isle, Freelace and Freeform. The Collection also includes crystals, beads, fancy yarns, canvas, custom hand-dyed fabrics, freelace paper, and instructions for projects in each technique.

Cottage Garden COLLECTION

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