Be a Teacher at Florilegium

Are you interested in teaching at Florilegium?

We are always looking for those in the fiber world who LOVE to teach! Our focus is on teachers who create original work or who have an original approach to everyday techniques. Our goal is to provide an extraordinary experience for our students which empowers their creativity, rather than just producing an object. To us, this means providing a very special environment where each student feels supported during the class, gains a solid grasp of the techniques taught, and leaves delighted by the experience.
What we can offer YOU
Florilegium has two studios, one for wet/messy techniques and the other for “dry” or clean techniques. Each studio can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people, but the dry studio can be configured for as many as 16. We also have two kitchens – one for food, one for craft-related activities. Depending on the length of your class, we can provide snacks or full meals or you can bring potluck. Our town, Weston, also has a huge variety of restaurants, B&B’s, shops and museums that can provide meals or interesting break-time excursions.
Our dry studio is in a separate part of the building that provides many special amenities. First of all is privacy. Everything you might need can be found here, including a living room, a dining room, a bathroom and a kitchen. There is also an internet-enabled TV for watching Netflix, youTube or for choosing your own music.

Class Description for Potential Teachers (PDF):


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