Paternayan / Colonial Persian Yarn

Paternayan / Colonial Persian Yarn

Paternayan / Colonial Persian wool yarn is a wonderful 3-ply, long-staple Persian wool suitable for needlepoint, knitting, felting, embroidery and antique rug repair (1/4 pound quantities are continuous). There are 418 colors in the Paternayan selection and we stock colors in 1/4 lb. hanks. We also sell Paternayan by the strand (32″) in a minimum quantity of 10 strands per color, at 8.5 yards. We’ve included photos of the Paternayan color card to help you choose wool for your projects.  Choose your colors, calculate the amount you’ll need, and then make your order. If you need assistance with any part of your order, yarn calculations or color selection, please give us a call at 816-746-6164 or send an e-mail to .

Color Matching:  Please be aware that whenever you are matching colors to an existing project, you must send us a strand of your current colors so we can match your colors to the yarn we have.  Colors change with age and sometimes with dye lots.  We work diligently to keep all the colors we sell matching our Paternayan color cards, but we also want to be certain you are getting exactly the color you want and need.  Send your samples to Florielgium at 367 Main Street, Weston, MO 64098 to be matched.

Needlepoint:  If you are using Paternayan / Colonial for a needlepoint canvas, then you need to calculate the proper number of strands or yardage for each color using the correct number of plies. The following instructions and table (at the bottom of the page) explain how Persian Yarn covers the various canvas sizes. Each strand of Persian contains 3 plies of wool and will cover the amount of canvas indicated in the chart. Sometimes the stitch you use, the complexity of your canvas, and your personal style may require more or less yarn, but in general this table should give the proper amount of yarn needed.  We usually add 20% to account for changing colors and pattern complexity.

NOTICE: In 2019, Saco River Dyehouse, owner of the “Paternayan” name, went out of business. At the time Saco River bought the trademark (from JCA), Colonial Needle Company bought the right to produce the same color palette on the original 3-ply wool yarn. Colonial Persian Yarn is the only existing yarn being produced now with the original Paternayan palette. We have found it to be a wonderful replacement for Saco River’s yarn.
Of course there will be dye-lot issues on occasion, as there were with Saco River’s yarn! If you send us snippets of your yarn, we will do our best to match it, or let you know if it can’t be done. We also recommend buying enough each time to complete your project!! We accept returns of uncut hanks!
At this writing (10/1/2019), we have both yarns in stock and will automatically fill your order with the best match of available yarn. If you are opposed to one or the other dye houses, just let us know, either by emailing a note with your order, emailing, or calling us at 816-746-6164. We want you to receive exactly what you want and will go to great lengths to make that happen. Happy Stitching!!

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