Paternayan 3-ply Wool Yarn

It’s an awesome time to stock up on your Paternayan Yarn! Call 816-746-6164 (11:00 to 5:00 Tu – Sat) for personal service, order from our web site or email Thank you for choosing Florilegium!
We stock all available colors (100-972) and make special orders for your large projects, delivery to us in about 10-days.
The cost of Paternayan (3-ply wool yarn), per 1/4 pound hank (176 yds) is $19.00 and for 10 strand (8.8-yd) Skeins is $2,00.
Paternayan style yarn is one of my all-time favorite yarns because it is SO versatile. It comes in 300+ colors broken into gorgeous gradient ranges of 5 to 7 colors. It can be used for knit, crochet, needlepoint, felting, bindings on hooked rugs and repair of antique rugs. And – the coolest thing of all – it is a 3-ply strand that can be knit as worsted, sport or lace weight, or needlepointed on canvases from 10 to 18 mesh just by choosing one, two or three plies. If I am ever stranded on a desert island, I hope some Paternayan will float ashore!!!

Thank you for choosing Florilegium!

NOTICE: In the past year, Saco River Dyehouse, owner of the “Paternayan” name, has gone out of business. At the time that Saco River bought the trademark, Colonial Needle Company bought the right to produce the same color palette on the original 3-ply wool yarn. Colonial 3-ply Persian Yarn is the only existing yarn being produced now with the original Paternayan palette. We have found it to be a wonderful replacement for Saco River’s yarn.
Of course there are sometimes dye-lot issues! If you send us snippets of your yarn, we will match it, or let you know if it can’t be done. We also recommend buying enough to complete your project!! We accept returns of uncut hanks!
At this writing (5/23/2020), we have both yarns in stock and will automatically fill your order with the best match of available yarn. We want you to receive exactly what you want and will go to great lengths to make that happen. Happy Stitching!!

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