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Welcome to examples of our product collection:

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We have prepared the following pages to give you an idea of what our prudcts are like and what Gretchen has made with them.  Many of the examples are Gretchen’s designs and kits made from our special hand-dyed Artist’s Assortments.  You will also find items from our Studio Collection  that is bursting with ideas and doodads to fuel your creative fire.
Most of all we wish to share our excitement for Creativity. Let’s have a Marvelous Adventure!!
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Mokuba Free Lace Paper Projects:
 (Shop page). Mokuba Free Lace paper
Ribbons at Florilegium:
 (Shop page) Mokuba Ribbon    Shibori Ribbons
Beads and Gems at Florilegium
(Shop pages)  Beading   Kits    Ingredients
Yarn at Florilegium
(Shop pages)  Yarn   Kits   Artist Assortment
Gretchen’s Projects
These are for your inspiration – Creative Fire

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