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If you prefer personal service, please call us between 11 and 5 (central) 816-746-6164, and we will assist you or take your order.


We are starting a campaign to band together all Paternayan lovers, so we can present Colonial with your actual orders for the un-dyed original Paternayan colors. To this end, we will add the “back-order” feature ($0.00) to our website.  This will let you order the un-dyed colors, and then we will work with Colonial to add these colors to their Paternayan dying list.  (We don’t know how long this will take but we will keep you informed)

We worked very hard with Saco before to expand the palette, improve color matching and speed up turnaround times. Much progress was made. We are doing the same with Colonial.

We open our website with a sampling of what’s to come. Today you will find Kits for purses, tassels, and jewelry. There are also special hand-dyed Artist’s Assortments  of Floril’s favorite yarn for Fiber Artists, and Paternayan 3-ply Persian  yarn for needlepointers , knitters, crocheters and felters. For those who need a creative jumpstart, there is a Studio Collection  bursting with ideas and doodads to fuel your creative fire. We have begun adding some of our favorite “raw materials”, as well. Look for Freelace Paper and Needlepoint canvas under the “Ingredients”  label.

Our own hand-dyed, hand-painted, hand-marbled fabrics, ribbons, beads and papers are on the way, as well. Our Kansas City studio is buzzing! We invite you to visit our blog to check in on our progress and see the craziness behind the scenes. We also want to share lots of Inspiration with you, including many items from our personal collection of antiques and from the long history of our store, Florilegium. Most of all we wish to share our excitement for Creativity. Let’s have a Marvelous Adventure!!


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