Ribbons at Florilegium

Ribbons are a passion at Florilegium:

You will find hundreds of ribbons at florilegium both new and antique to inspire you and help you create that perfect project.  We use ribbons for so many projects ranging from picture frames to ribbon embroidery.  Florilegium has many styles and brands including picot, lace, silk, grow-grain, silk-satin, bias cut silk, brocade,  wow I cannot name them all. Hand dyed and hand painted ribbons to match your creative fire.  Some of our selection is for sale on this web site but there are so many we cannot list them all.  Below are several selections of photographs to show you what we have. If you see something you like please just send us a message or call and we will work out a way to help you find the ribbon that is perfect for you.

Ribbons for sale:    Mokuba Ribbon       Shibori Ribbons

Ribbon Embroidery at Florilegium:


Ribbons at Florilegium 2018:

Mokuba Ribbons at Florilegium:

Ribbon – an entire table full just for you!



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