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Shift Cowl with Walkabout yarn:

Butterfly Shawl  Made with Uneek Yarn:

Archer and Elegance Scarf  Made with Freia Handpaints Yarn:

Pebble Parallelogram Scarf with Shibui Yarn:

Pattern by, Steven West

Find your Fade Scarf by Gretchen:

Beaded and Jeweled Necklaces:

Mohair Seed-Stitch Scarf – Gallery:

Ozark Caplet by Gretchen:

Make it up as I go Sweater:

Freeform Knitting and Crochet – One Small Thing Gallery:

Mokuba Free Lace

Handmade Books

Gretchen’s, Remains of the Day Journals:


Freelace Pull-Over Using Hand-Dyed Silk

Layered Marbling

Beaded Beads – The tiny begetting the small

Bead Knitting and Crochet 

Sun-print Fabric – Pebeo Soie Setacolor on Muslin

 Marbled Paper and Beads

Freeform Knitting and Crochet 

Quilting & Embroidery Projects

Entrelac Purse

These  Entrelac purses began with some gorgeous new yarn by Universal – “Poems” and “Tango”.  Add a big BOOBOO, some crocheted details, and there you have it! See Very Basic Instructions below.

These purses consist of 8 eight-stitch rectangles. (So, cast on 64 stitches). Begin with a row of Entrelac starting triangles, then do the right-side and wrong-side rectangles OMITTING the side triangles. This will allow the purse to begin curving at the edges. When it is big enough, finish with a row of ending triangles. Now you can have all sorts of fun!! The next step is to create the gussets on each side and the strap. For the blue purse, I picked up three stitches at the very bottom of the side curve. Knit these in K1P1 ribbing, picking up a new stitch from the side of the bag at the end of each row. Make the entire strap this way, narrowing it once you reach the top edge of the bag by decreasing a stitch each row until it is as wide as you like. I made asymmetrical lengths of strap on each side, and filled in the gap with “ruffle” yarn (“Tango” by Universal). For the bag on the right, I made the entire gusset and strap with “ruffle” yarn.

You can orient the bag with the curving edges on the sides (blue purse) or at front and back (rust purse). Embellish with crocheted popcorns, corkscrews and knit felted balls dangling from I-cord. Knit or crochet dividers inside the bag. (Or, add pockets). These examples are at the store, if you’d like to see them, or have any questions about how they were made.[/box]

More Ideas (Beads, Crochet, Knitting, Free-Form …..)

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