Frequently asked Questions?

Frequently asked Questions: (Call us at 816-746-6164)

How do I buy items I see in your store pictures?

  • We frequently have customers call and ask about purchasing items they see in our web site photos that are not in our buy-it-now Shop pages.  We will ship any item for sale in the store to any location in the world.
  • All you and I need to do is figure out what you want and to be sure we are talking about the same item(s).
  • We love to work with you on special purchase items and the best way is to send us a copy of the photo you saw on our web site or the name of the photo (????.jpg) to start the conversation, so we can find what you are interested in purchasing.
  • Of course you can always stop and visit our store in Weston MO (15 minutes north of the Kansas City MO airport)

Can I buy your beads and precious stones?

  • We will do our best to make it possible to purchase our beads and stones through the mail.
  • Selection is more difficult and will require more sharing of photos and your project needs.

Will you calculate how much yarn I need?

  • Yes we will absolutely help you figure out how much yarn you need for any project from needlepoint to sweaters or scarves and socks, to various loom projects (rigid heddle, triangle, tapestry, etc).
  • Needlepoint canvass is one of our specialties and if you have any questions about yarn usage, color selection, canvass selection.  We will gladly help you.

Do you block or finish needlepoint projects?:

  • We will share with you our knowledge about blocking and finishing any time – just give us a call (816-746-6164)
  • We do not do needlpoint finishing such as making pillows or framing pieces for wall display.
  • We do not offer needlepoint blocking as a service.

Do you have knitting needles for sale?:

  • We have a full selection of knitting needles for sale in the store.
  • Just let us know the style and size and brand.

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